Some Things To Pay Attention To In Safe Use Of Meat Scissor

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Some Things to Pay Attention to in Safe Use of Meat Scissor
With the rapid development of the food industry, meat cutters have been widely used. The meat cutters use double hob structures, including horizontal and vertical types. The original power of various types of meat cutters and the principle of cutting combs and meat parts are large to the same structure. They all have the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, small power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and hygiene, and good meat cutting effects. The following is an introduction to the use and maintenance of the meat cutter.
Before using the meat Slicer, please clean the meat Slicer with warm water first, do not wet the motor. When using the Slicer, start the motor first to see if the blade is steering correctly. The meat cutter should be corrected immediately if it is reversed. After use, turn off the power of the meat cutter first, remove the removable part, wash it with hot water, and then install it. The small meat cutter is cheap. The empty machine throws water, and then coated with cooking oil can be. When you need to cut the meat, cut the meat into pieces first, then cut the meat slice horizontally and then cut a knife.
Attention to the use of meat cutters:
The operator must be familiar with the performance, specifications and functions of the meat cutter to ensure safe operation.
2, there must be a special person to cut meat, the operator should be neat clothes and hats, sleeves should not be too long, the spirit of operation should be concentrated, can not be paralyzed.
3, before the use of the meat Slicer to do a comprehensive inspection, check whether there are obstacles in each transmission parts, whether the lubrication positions are lubricated, the safety protection devices are reliable, whether the mouth blade is intact, there is no loosening, the meat Slicer is clean.
4, when the switch is activated, there must be no water on the hand. First open the empty machine operation, meat Slicer to observe whether there is an abnormal phenomenon, the empty machine time can not be too long, to prevent damage to the blade. No gloves.
5, the addition of meat blocks must be uniform, not too much to avoid motor damage, if found that the machine is not working properly, should be immediately cut off the power, after the stop to check the cause.
6, the meat into the meat can not be too large, should be cut into thin strips strong, meat can not bring bones and meat skin, in order to prevent the meat cutter from getting stuck, found that the meat cutter card should be immediately shut down, not forced operation.
Disconnect the power after the meat cutter is finished, clean the cage, and ensure that the diet is healthy. When cleaning the meat cutter, it is forbidden to rinse the electrical parts with water to avoid electric shock or burn the motor.

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