Pet Food Machine Widely Used

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Vacuum spraying technology as a new type of feed processing technology after spraying, can protect the effective activity of the heat-sensitive components in feed, pet food machine reduce the loss of nutrients, improve the amount of liquid to ensure low-cost production, it has a very good application value , The current large number of large feed mills in Europe are widely used in this process, pet food machine the domestic also gradually understand and start using this process.

The vacuum spray process is mainly through the vacuum system piping to remove the air in the vacuum mixer (the air in the pellet feed is also withdrawn) so that it can effectively ensure that the liquid from the liquid mixture mixer into the more in-depth feed particles inside , pet food machine So that the liquid can be evenly distributed within the particles to reduce friction and collision caused by the loss of nutrients, so that the formula is not distorted.

At the same time, pet food machine by removing the air in the internal voids of the particles, it has more space to absorb the liquid (mainly grease), greatly increasing the amount of liquid to meet the animal nutrition and energy requirements.

1, the amount of grease added

 Cooked oil can be added to the amount of more than 30%, suitable for the production of high-energy pet food

2, can play a role in moisture and moisture

Grease penetrates into the core of the particles, pet food machine effectively preventing the entry of moisture, keeping the particles dry and conducive to storage.

With the growth of China's economy, pet food machine the pet industry has been rapid development, people have been pets from the simple appreciation and into a spirit of the people of a sustenance, the role of pets are quietly changing, has become increasingly people's life partner , pet food machine In promoting the development of a harmonious society plays an irreplaceable regulatory role. And as a pet industry subsidiary industry - pet food industry in the national economy has played an increasingly important role. Despite the global economic downturn since 2007, all walks of life in the world are in a bleak business, but the pet food sales are continuing to increase.

From the Asian region's economic power Japan, pet food machine the pet industry has not been stagnant because of its 10 years of economic bubble stagnation, on the contrary, the pet economy has been in a steady development, from the pet dog breeding, 1998 to During the ten years of 2008, pet food machine the amount of rearing increased by 136.9%. Officially due to the increase in pet feeding, led the development of the Japanese pet related industries, pet economy in its national economy played a role can not be ignored. In terms of China's Taiwan region, the population was only 22.9 million (2009 statistics), the number of pets was 2.5 million, pet food machine the number of pets was 13.5%, while the number of families in Japan was 35% The United States reached 39%. According to the domestic pet food manufacturers survey data show that the Chinese mainland pets pet family simply feeding the proportion of pet food is only 5%, pet food machine we can see China's pet industry and foreign huge gap, but also reveals the future of the Chinese market Business opportunities and development space.

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