Performance Indicators Of Automatic Packaging Machine System

- Nov 12, 2018 -

With the development of the social economy, the style of packaging machines is also increasing. Generally, fully automatic packaging machinery is used in foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, light industries, etc.. In order to complete multiple processes at a time, digital packaging machines gradually appear in front of us. So what are the performance indexes of the automatic control system of these Packers?
The main performance indexes of automatic control system of automatic packaging machine are: stability, rapidity and accuracy.
1. Stability Due to the inertia of the automatic control system of the automatic packaging machine, when the various parameters of the system are not allocated, it will cause the system to oscillate and lose its ability to work. Stability refers to the oscillation tendency of the dynamic process and the ability of the system to restore equilibrium. When the disturbance or given value changes, the output will deviate from the original stable value, relying on feedback, through the adjustment of the automatic control system of the automatic packaging machine, the system will continuously converge over time. And finally return to the original stable value or stabilize with the given value. If, for some reason, the system diverges and is in an unstable state, the system can not work. Stability requirement is the first condition of system operation.
2. Due to the limitations of inertia or energy power, changes in various quantitative values in automatic packaging machine automatic control systems can not be mutated. The transition from a steady state to a new steady state requires a definite time, that is, a transition process. A fast representation of the speed at which the system can eliminate the deviation and restore the steady state when there is a deviation between the output and the given value of the system.
3. Accuracy, also known as static accuracy, refers to the deviation between the output and the given value of the automatic control system of the fully automatic packaging machine after the adjustment process is over, indicating that the accuracy of the system is also an important indicator of the performance of the system. Some systems require high accuracy, such as position control. The accuracy of the-constant temperature and constant speed systems can be within 1 % of the given value. Due to the different conditions of controlled objects, different systems have different requirements for stability, accuracy, and speed. For example, the speed requirement is high for the following system, while the speed regulation system is strict for the stability requirement. The same-system performance is mutually restricted between stable, accurate, and fast, and a system with good rapid performance may easily generate oscillations; In a stable system, the adjustment process may be slower and the accuracy may be worse. We should carry out specific analysis according to the system's working goals, grasp the main contradiction and take into account other factors

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