Meat Slicer Easy To Operate And Safe

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Preparation and inspection before use: carefully check the dicing machine is missing, loss, loose problems, to ensure that the machine is in good condition. Check whether there is a foreign body in the shell, the body of foreign matter removed, or easily lead to damage to the blade. Clean up the operating site, meat slicer check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the voltage used by the unit, and whether the grounding mark is reliable. Close the switch, pork slicer which is good, press the "open" button to check the steering is correct (the face of the push button, push the dial counterclockwise rotation is correct), meat slicer otherwise, cut off the power to adjust the wiring. Connect the water source for use.

Frozen meat slicing machine is one of our hotel kitchen essential items, can help us to freeze the meat processed into the required sheet. The slicer almost completely replaces the traditional manual operation, helping our producers to complete these tedious slices of work, meat slicer greatly facilitates our daily diet. They appear, is our beautiful crystallization of human wisdom, to our production and life to provide a great help for us to share a lot of work, they are our good helper. Therefore, we need to also need to promote their development. Therefore, the slicer in the current market conditions is still very impressive.

Lamb slicer is a food slicer, meat slicer the most suitable for cutting non-bone and other similar mustard with elastic food, is frozen lamb, frozen beef professional slicer, the meat into the meat, etc., slice thickness balance, meat automatically The original operation of the automatic sharpening structure, so that the knife easy to operate and safe; the compact structure of the machine, meat slicer stainless steel body in line with the requirements of food hygiene, the product of the product is very clean, Features: lamb slicer, suitable for hot pot restaurants, restaurants, hotels and food processing workshops, cutting meat evenly, with dual-axis design, especially stable and durable!

Meat food to be frozen hardening moderate, generally in the "-6 ℃" and above, and should not be frozen, the meat is too hard should be thawed, the meat can not contain bones, so as not to damage the blade; Adjust the thickness of the knob, set the required thickness. meat slicer Reasonable operation, pay attention to the use of some of the relevant knowledge, so as not to cause damage to the mutton slicer.

First, if the use of the process that lamb slicer instability, meat slicer the machine left with a screw hole can be fixed on the table easier to use.

Second, their frozen meat rolls must be made to the meat and then use lamb slices, fresh meat is a good look, the second is a good cut without knives.

Third, if the continuous cut a few pounds after the emergence of a knife, Diao can not live meat phenomenon that mutton slices of the knife, and should be sharpened.

Fourth, can not be in the lamb slicer movement, meat slicer to the left (the direction of the meat) breaking, this will make the knife deformation, which is the most important point.

If you want to ensure that the service life of the equipment must be maintained, the following talk about the maintenance of frozen meat slicer knowledge!

First, the frozen meat should be two hours into the freezer thawed about -5 ℃ before slicing, otherwise it will cause meat pieces broken, split, meat slicer broken, frozen meat slicing machine walking and other phenomena, while the motor is burned.

Second, when cleaning before the frozen meat slices to be unplugged power, is strictly prohibited to rinse with water, can only use a damp cloth, and then dry with a dry cloth, once a day to keep food hygiene.

Third, according to the use of the situation, about a week to remove the knife board cleaning, cleaning with a damp cloth and then dry cloth dry. meat slicer About once a week refueling, automatic slicing machine every time you need to move the trailer to the right of the fuel line and then refueling, semi-automatic slicer in the trip axis refueling.

Fourth, cut the meat uneven thickness or more meat when you need to sharpen, sharpening the blade should first clean, remove the grease on the blade.

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