Meat Processing Machine Growing

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Over the past decade, the Chinese meat processing industry booming, for the meat machinery enterprises to provide a broad stage. With the continuous development of the industry, meat processing machine domestic enterprises continue to explore and innovation, the quality of related machinery has improved, and compared with foreign counterparts also have a certain degree of competitiveness. meat processing machine China's meat processing industry, large and small enterprises too numerous to mention, many of them good quality, excellent service of meat processing machinery manufacturers. The same time as

It is not easy to find a trusted professional manufacturer in the field of food machinery. China's food machinery and equipment network according to years of industry awareness, the meat processing machinery (meat grinder, meat cutting machine, chopping machine, meat processing machine rolling kneading machine, meatball machine, brine injection machine, slicer, tender machine) industry Outstanding enterprises to focus on combing

Domestic food processing machinery the field of the most professional R & D one of the production enterprises. Since its inception in 1986, the use of nearly 20 years, meat processing machine the development of the industry's most powerful leading enterprises. Has been developed 40 varieties of more than 100 models of food machinery, covering frozen meat meat grinder, chopping machine, automatic fumigation furnace, vacuum rolling machine, vacuum mixer, salt water injection machine, frozen meat slicer, meat processing machine activation tender And other meat products processing industry in all areas, and many product projects won the national patent, to fill the gaps in the domestic market.

Including the meat products industry used in the frozen meat cutting machine series, frozen meat meat grinder series, chopping machine series,meat processing machine mixer series, salt injection machine series, rolling kneading machine series, smoked furnace series. The company has a number of national patents, won the Chinese meat industry influence brand, food industry and other strong enterprises honor, the annual output value of more than 60 million yuan.

The main products are chopping machine, steaming furnace, meat processing machine steaming furnace, rolling machine, meat grinder, mixer, meat and meat separator, brine injection machine, borneol machine, hoist, frozen meat cutting machine, slicing machine, Sausage machine, etc., is the deep processing of meat professional machinery manufacturers.

 With the development of the meat industry, the proportion of deep processing of meat is increasing, new meat processing plants are also emerging, meat processing machine these enterprises need to invest a lot of processing equipment. In addition, the last century, eighties and nineties purchased a large number of foreign equipment has been phased out, need to be updated.

Therefore, the domestic market demand for meat processing machinery will continue to increase. At present, the domestic meat processing enterprises in the top 50 are the main equipment imported, with the domestic meat machinery manufacturing product quality improvement, these enterprises will gradually use the domestic meat machinery, meat processing machine the demand is very large The

 The implementation of the mechanization of fresh processing, the standardization of products with the implementation of the protection. Management departments can be based on the type of different dishes Ding, silk, strip, film, Mi, block and other products processing standards, meat processing machine and can achieve on-line testing, quality traceability, and truly implement ISO2000 quality system.

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