Meat Mixer Machine Derusting Method

- Aug 28, 2017 -

  Stainless steel meat grinder is widely used in a variety of sausages, ham, meat mixer machine lunch meat, balls, salty flavor, pet food and other meat products and other industries. Long use of stainless steel meat grinder, stainless steel meat grinder accessories will inevitably rust, rusty parts will affect the health of stainless steel meat grinder. The following describes the effective stainless steel meat grinder accessories rust method.

Stainless steel meat grinder accessories can use the rust spray, spray the stainless steel meat grinder can be removed rust, but this method can not guarantee stainless steel meat grinder accessories rust removal non-toxic, stainless steel meat grinder accessories can Clean up; meat mixer machine with Taomi Shui immersion stainless steel meat grinder accessories, Taomi Shui concentration of the best high point, the other soaked stainless steel meat grinder spare parts should be long enough time; can also use stainless steel meat grinder accessories fine sand and yellow mud Appropriate mixing, into the stainless steel meat grinder accessories for mixing, so that fine sand and yellow mud to remove the rust in the stainless steel meat grinder accessories. meat mixer machine But be sure to pay attention, do not install stainless steel meat grinder accessories blade, otherwise the blade will be damaged.

Properly install the meat grinder power supply

Stainless steel meat grinder Before turning on the power, make sure that the supply voltage is within the normal range. First open the hopper, remove the hopper mouth scattered spare parts; remove the mouth ring, remove the castor, knife, twisted shaft. After connecting the power supply, meat mixer machine facing the meat machine cheese, press the switch to see if the output shaft of the bottom of the barrel is rotated counterclockwise. If yes, it means that the installation is correct. On the contrary, wrong. Replace the power supply phase sequence. After the machine below the M8 or M6 bolt is "equipotential power to the ground terminal", meat mixer machine should be qualified by the professional electric grounding. Power socket grounding hole or device power cord green and yellow should be firmly grounded. Fixed circuit must be equipped with a full pole off and the contact opening distance ≥ 3mm cut off the electrode.

Correct installation of hinge, knife and other accessories

When the twist axis is correct, meat mixer machine turn the hinge, knife, castor, orifice in sequence. When installing the hinge, the long groove of the tail should be fitted with the long wedge on the output shaft. The blade edge should be mounted on the front shaft of the front end of the twist shaft. On the square shaft, and with the buckle mouth pin with a good, spin on the mouth. Circle tighten and then fade back to the appropriate level, the machine is running before the start of meat.

Adjust the elasticity of the V-belt

When the machine is used, meat mixer machine if the triangle is too loose, it should stop. Vertical meat grinder open the round hole under the electrical box, loosen the adjustment of the motor position, adjust the appropriate, and then lock Luo mother can use; desktop meat grinder to open the chassis, the release of Luo mother, adjust the bolt And then locked Luo mother.

Clean the machine

Do not rinse directly with water! Can not make electrical damp! So as to avoid leakage, electric shock or affect the use. Should be unscrewed, remove the castor, meat mixer machine knife and twist shaft, finished cleaning and then installed for the next use.

Stainless steel meat grinder can not replace the other

Some users to buy meat grinder is not used for hanging meat, but another for its use, maintenance found in some twisted herbs, twisted plastic, twisted chili sauce, chopped onion ginger and so on. Here to tell you,meat mixer machine meat grinder can only be used for meat filling. If you use the machine twisted, causing damage to the machine, borne by the user. During the warranty period, you will need to pay a fee for repair, spare parts and repairs.

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