Meat Grinders According To Different Process Requirements Processing

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Meat meat machine is the meat processing enterprises in the production process will be the raw materials according to different requirements of different processing requirements of granular meat, widely used in a variety of sausages, ham, lunch meat, balls, salty flavor, pet food And other meat products and other industries.


Use a meat grinder before rinsing well. meat grinders In general, before using the cleaning, first clean the meat grinder, mainly to remove the dust inside and outside the machine. Another advantage is that the use of pre-flush will make the tilt easier, smoother, and will make the work more convenient.


Many people like to install the machine behind each piece of meat, but do not recommend this method. Ideally, after each use, clean the meat machine should be placed in bulk form in a wooden cabinet, or wait for its complete air dry, reassembled, not immediately assembled.

Installation From the assembly, meat grinders the drum is first fed into the cavity of the machine. In order to reduce wear, drop a drop of edible oil on the shaft, and then put the head on the drum, pay attention to the edge of the blade. Install the leak section, gently shake the three closely related machine cavity, and then install the thorny leakage, pay attention to moderate flexibility, too loose will make the foam from the side of the seams leakage, the mouth will hurt too tight. Finally install the tilt, notice the handle outward, set the gap behind, and then tighten the real screw.

The installation of the machine is relatively simple, meat grinders the most important thing is to choose the appropriate fixed parts, such as larger wood cutting board, bite point on the cutting board, side, screw fastening screws. Because the string wood harder, it is best to use a screwdriver and other tools to help strengthen the fuselage to prevent the machine loose.


The real meat is simpler, because it is more powerful,meat grinders so it is best to have one or two men. If it is dumplings, it is best in the cooked meat before twisting, so you can save a lot of meat. Wash the meat, cut into strips, and put it in the meat. After the meat is finished, you can also hang an onion, potatoes and vegetables. Well, this is a kind of purification that reduces the waste of meat.


First prepared a clean toothbrush, meat grinders test tube brush and other auxiliary supplies, and then press the direction of the machine will be unloaded, the machine cavity within the meat flesh clean up, then the machine soaked in detergent with warm water, with a toothbrush, etc. All the parts one by one clean, and then rinse twice with tap water. Put in a cool and ventilated place to control dry

Electric meat grinder

(1) Clean the part that can be cleaned before using the electric meat grinder.

(2) after installation, the normal operation of the machine, you can add meat.

(3) before the meat is distorted, the meat cut into small pieces, so as not to damage the machine.

(4) Turn on the power and then add meat after normal operation.

(5) to increase the meat must be uniform, not too much, so as not to damage the motor. If the machine is abnormal, should immediately cut off the power, should be checked after the closure of the reasons.

(6) If a leak is found and a fire is caused, the power should be switched off immediately and the electrician should be repaired.

Turn off the power after use. Then clean the part, drain it and put it in a dry place.

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