Let's Talk About A Few Things We Should Pay Attention To When Making Bread From A Toaster.

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Let's talk about a few things we should pay attention to when making bread from a toaster.
In the past, we talked about some of the precautions for making bread with a bread maker, mainly for the use of the bread machine itself. Today, what we share with you is mainly for making bread itself. No matter which brand of toaster is good or what toaster is used, these precautions are universal. As a fashionable baking tool, the toaster is very good for novices. You can do everything manually without the trouble of using the oven. Beginners can use the bread machine to make delicious bread as long as they follow a fixed formula and program. But the details determine the success or failure of this sentence is very good, in fact, many people probably know how to make bread with the toaster, but did not pay attention to the details during the production process, this is also likely to make your production fail.
Let's talk about a few things about bread making with a toaster today:
First, pay attention to controlling the temperature. In summer, the temperature is higher. When the dough is stirred in the toaster, the dough will rub with the toaster to generate heat. The temperature will increase. It will affect the overall quality of the dough. If you must adjust the temperature of the dough, ice water and ice milk are good adjustment dough materials. If the bread must be cooled during mixing, it can also close the bread machine to remove the dough safely and spread it over the marble. It will soon cool down.
Second, water consumption. When we add water to the dough, it actually has a certain influence on the humidity, temperature, and water absorption of the flour. Generally, when we add the formula, please do not add all the formulas at once. If you're not very experienced. Zui is good to retain about 20 percent, which is convenient for fine-tuning. If you find that the dough can not be stirred around the bread maker, then the water you add is not enough. If your dough is too hard, it is not easy to stir out the film. You should slowly add a little bit of water to it.
Third, the choice of flour. If you want to make bread, you can usually choose high-gluten flour. Depending on the formula, of course.
Fourth, yeast selection aspect. One of the first things to note is that yeast can not directly contact with ice water. Because once the yeast comes into contact with the water, the ability to ferment will have an impact. It will even directly prevent yeast from undergoing normal fermentation. The correct order is to add ice water to the bucket first, then the flour is covered with water, and yeast is added after Zui. At the same time, yeast can not be in contact with salt, because salt is the nemesis of yeast and will directly kill yeast. This will affect the overall fermentation Oh.
Fifth, stir carefully. The process of stirring the dough is so wet that it is so rough that it becomes smooth and smooth that it can open the thin film that it is not easy to puncture with the hand. Be in control of the time when stirring. If you stir too long, resulting in excessive stirring, this will directly affect the expansion of the bread. The expansion force is too good and the bread can easily burst. Stir until the right time should be that the dough is not very sticky hands is good in the case of Zui, if the dough is over-stirred, then the dough will be very sticky hands. The failed dough can pull out a long dough. After the dough pulls out the film, it is easier to break, and it is soft and easier to break.
Sixth, we should pay attention to fermentation. In general, the first time the dough is fermented, the size of the dough reaches 2 to 2.5 times, and the temperature will be about 40 to 60 minutes or so at about 28 to 30 degrees. In the case of fermentation, depending on the specific temperature, if the fermentation temperature is relatively low, then the fermentation time is of course longer. It is suggested that if the dough is fermented for the first time, the dough can be placed in the freezer for about 30 minutes to continue production. The simple purpose is to be less sticky. And don't worry about the dough fermenting while it's in shape. Intermediate fermentation is the stage of relaxation is generally 10 to 15 minutes, this time is not necessarily, depending on the specific situation of the dough and shape to determine. After Zui, the fermentation temperature is about 40 degrees and about 20 to 40 minutes. As before, it depends on the specific situation. The solid bag is fermented to 2 to 2.5 times large, and the stuffed bread is fermented to 1.5 times because there is only a thin layer of skin outside. Some people report that the bread is not soft enough, one reason is due to insufficient fermentation. In this case, it can be fermented longer when it is fermented after Zui. Don't be too long, you have to hold on to it.
Seventh, bread modification. Maybe a lot of people are unfamiliar with this and it's not easy to get started. This needs to be practiced more often. You can sprinkle some dried fruit such as almonds or sesame seeds on the surface of the bread, or whatever you like. The instant bread looks professional and delicious.
Eighth, toaster baking. The toaster is simple to use, but its space may not be as large as an oven. The general bread maker is heated on the side. The specific types of bread makers are also different. The bread baked by the bread maker will be darker around and at the bottom. The skin is slightly thicker, but it will not be too thick. In fact, there is a solution to make the bread more uniform, that is, when the bread is baked, tin paper is added around the bread, so that the baked bread is golden and golden yellow, and it is relatively even. Oh, the skin is not thick.
Ninth, the preservation of bread. First of all, many people are more likely to make mistakes is that the bread just want to taste the first bite, in fact, this is very not feasible. Because the inside of the bread dough produces a lot of lactic acid bacteria and other substances when it is fermented, it is easy to cause stomach problems if you eat it immediately. This is the industry understand. Of course, once the bread has cooled, it is eaten casually and turned into a very healthy food. Generally, bread is good in summer when it is not more than 2 days. Some packages say that it can be eaten for several days, but it is generally good to eat in 2 days. Many people may also choose to refrigerate bread in a refrigerator. It is not a bad idea, but Zui is a good way to keep it in a freezer. If you keep it in a freezer, the bread will dehydrate, moldy, and even absorb the smell of the refrigerator. If you really want to refrigerate, the Zui is a frozen room that can be stored for a longer period of time. Remember to wrap it with plastic wrap and use the oven or toaster to defrost and eat it.

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