How To Increase The Service Life Of The Slicer

- Nov 08, 2018 -


Nowadays, the most indispensable food processing plant is the Slicer. With the Slicer, the production efficiency will be doubled. The following is how to increase the life of the Slicer by Hengkang Bao Technology.
1, before the operation of the Slicer placed in the horizontal ground, to ensure that the Slicer placement is stable and reliable; Make sure the machine plug is in good contact, no loosening and no trace of water.
Check for foreign matter in the rotating cartridge or on the conveyor belt. If there is foreign matter, it must be cleaned up so as not to cause tool damage.
3, operation, adjustment according to the required processing products to choose the cutting mode, centrifuge Slicer for the slices of sweet potato hard vegetables, the vertical knife part can be processed into different specifications of leaf soft vegetables or cut pieces.
4, install the blade, first turn the adjustable eccentric wheel, so that after the knife frame line to the bottom dead point, then lift the knife frame up 1-2 mm, so that after the vertical knife and conveyor belt contact, tighten the nut to secure the vertical knife on the knife holder. If the height of the rack is small, the product may be linked to the knife. If the height of the rack is too large, it may break the conveyor belt.

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