How To Buy A Meat Cutter?

- Nov 27, 2018 -

The commonly referred to meat cutters are generally referred to as meat cutters and are mainly used for slicing and cutting of fresh meat. The following points should be noted in selecting such products:
1, you use the workload of the meat cutter. The meat Slicer is a commercial type and a household type. Its most obvious difference is that the home machine is generally cheap and affected by the type of motor selection. It can not work for a long time. Usually the home type meat cutter needs to stop for half an hour to cool the motor once. Otherwise, it will cause overheating to protect the power off or damage the motor; The commercial type can work continuously.
2, look at the design structure of the machine. The design of a good meat cutter will take into account the problem of blade cleaning. At this time, we need to see the instructions. If the cutting tool set can be easily and flexibly removed, especially in summer, the temperature is high. If the cutting tool set can not be removed, That will cause the machine itself to be not thoroughly clean, causing bacteria to breed and seriously produce odor.
3, look at the blade quality and design. Select fresh meat cutter as far as possible choose round blade with gap style. When cutting raw meat, the gap on the round blade can produce a downward pull force, which is conducive to cutting, so that the meat can slide smoothly. Without a notched round blade, a skid phenomenon will occur when the actual meat is cut. It is necessary to manually press the wood comb to complete the cut.
4, look at the effect of the requirements for cutting meat. If you are factory production, cut out the shape of the product requirements are relatively strict, then you need to choose a targeted large meat cutters, this specific situation requires you to provide specific requirements can be introduced.

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