Fresh Breading Machine Very Convenient

- Aug 28, 2017 -

On the bread machine, fresh breading machine I think a lot of friends have. Because I had a bread machine before, the effect is not very good. So it used a chef machine. Today, when nothing happened patted the bread machine kneading. Or feel the effect is not very good. However, if you feel that the chef is too expensive and their own hand-kneading and hard, then use the bread machine make do, fresh breading machine it is better than nothing, huh, huh. And my bread machine is generally used to do bread buns is very convenient.

There are friends with me that the dough on the machine water and water less problem. This problem, it is best to master their own, it is easy to handle. Do not add powder, fresh breading machine bread machine also try to add enough water. If you find enough water, it is necessary to make up this moisture in 5 minutes before stirring.

1. Remove the bread barrel from the bread machine and clean it.

2. In the bread barrels first into the water, milk or eggs and other liquid raw materials.

3. According to their own preferences to choose tastes, fresh breading machine if you want to do salty bread, then add salt, if you like sweet, should be sugar.

4. After adding seasoning, and then pour the right amount of high-gluten flour to cover the liquid raw materials.

5. Grind a small pit on the high-gluten flour and pour the yeast powder.

6. After everything is ready, put the bread bucket into the bread body and plug in the power supply.

7. Select the program, use the program for each different bread machine, select the appropriate menu key, weight and burning, and then press the start button. The breadmaker began to knead the surface, making the bread the grading program officially began.

8. After repeated mixing, fermentation and baking. fresh breading machine At the set time, the bread is baked.

1. Before cleaning the bread machine, you should first pull out the plug, cut off the power.

2. With a soft damp cloth dipped in a small amount of neutral detergent, gently wipe, and then dry clean dry cloth.

3. Do not use gasoline or other solvents, should keep the bread machine surface dry.

1. For the first time, fresh breading machine the bread bucket should be washed and dried, and the oil in the barrel brush, let it idle for a while.

2. After each use, the accessories used must be cleaned to prevent dirt scaling.

3. When not in use for a long period of time, the accessories should be cleaned and dried and stored in the barrel of the bread machine.

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