Foundation Operation Of Powder

- Dec 11, 2018 -

The powder machine can achieve the powder, pulp, powder, pulp, pulp and pulp, powder, pulp and powder process of fish chops, chicken chops, meat cakes, etc.. The powder rate is high. The basic operations are as follows:
The green button in the electrical part of the powder machine is the start button, and the red button is the stop button. The order of the boot is first turned on the power main switch, and then the start is raised, the tape is started, and the fan is started. Check the running direction of the main network belt from input to output. After the correct running direction, the powder is put into the storage warehouse; By observing the thickness of the upper and lower powder layers, turning the adjusting handle on the basis of complete product coverage, the thickness of the powder is as thin as possible; The product enters the input belt of the powder machine, and the products after the powder are continuously produced; Shut down order first fan stop, net stop, lift stop.
Points to Note for Powder Use
:: Check whether the machine is dry before using the powder machine;
:: Turn on the power supply when required and then pour the powder;
:: It is necessary to observe the status of the powder in the course of work and adjust it in a timely manner;
:: Moderate tension adjustment of the conveyor belt to prevent elongated deformation of the belt;
:: Once the work has been completed, the powder is cleared and then cleaned with a water gun;
* After cleaning, the powder machine will be dewatered, disinfected, sterilized, and kept dry.

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