Breading Machine Do The Soft Cotton

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Many friends are reflected with the bread machine to do the bread is not tasty, said to do as hard as the bread, the leaves today to a detailed share with a bread machine to do soft cotton bread, breading machine after such a procedure to make bread whether the oven Roasted or bakery are very soft cotton, drawing effect is very good, with a bread machine baked out of the epidermis is brittle, which is very soft cotton, cut into pieces simply stand up, eat up the epidermis and inside is two different delicious, very good. breading machine This prescription I have done many times, pro as long as I step by step to do my step, with the bread machine can make the same super delicious super soft bread, I made this time the hair was full of a bucket Of the bread, in the side of the photo was basically eaten by the whole family, and I particularly like, while taking pictures while eating, breading machine her daughter shouted, do not eat, and give her to stay downstairs after playing home to eat

First, the bread is the use of cold fermentation method, the second awake almost also sent twice the size of the whole process is basically three times the fermentation, breading machine so out of the bread wheat flavor thick, very soft cotton, drawing effect is very good;

Second, the bread is delicious and whether the fermentation is just right there is a great relationship, and fermentation due to the differences are due to this, we must be flexible to master, we must pay attention to observe the dough, rather than copy the recipe time, the dough did not make good It is necessary to extend the time to send, dough in case of overdraft must be remedied, the remedy is to fermented the dough as a dough, plus a main dough material, the two together with the kneading uniform, the amount of the main dough material The proportion of the same as the original dough, as the main dough to do more depends on the fermentation of dough content of the dough.

With the development of science and technology, breading machine smart kitchen has long been an indispensable family. More and more smart kitchen to enter the market, the needs of the people are increasingly high, but the face of a wide variety of intelligent products, how to choose to become the most troublesome problem. Food Jie Bing Bing from all the principles of departure from the user, breading machine we will use our professional knowledge to help you identify a variety of kitchen electrical products, to solve everyone's smart kitchen electric appliances want to.

Family rich variety of bread, bread has become the main player of the breakfast, and the bread machine to the family to do a healthy rest assured breakfast, breading machine has become the family now need to solve the problem. But at present on the market a wide range of various types of bread machine, the choice of bread machine has become a small problem. As a small household appliances, breading machine although the high price of the bread machine is indeed excellent, but if the family as a machine, we recommend that you choose between 200-600 yuan parity machine, after all, smart home appliances update faster, we better Basic models to start, breading machine and so really mastered the bread machine function, and then replace their own high-priced products.

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