2018 IFood (iran) Exhibition

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Exhibits range

1. Food: agricultural products (fresh, frozen, dry), agricultural products processing, grain and animal by-products (frozen and dry), dairy products, aquatic products, fresh, frozen, dry), meat processed products, semi-finished products, aquatic products processing, soft canned food, non-staple food, western-style food, fruits and vegetables, grease, health food, organic food, seasonings, spices, all kinds of noodles, bread, dessert, baby food, food and other elderly;

2. Beverages: alcoholic beverages (sake, liquor, beer, wine, etc.), non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, black tea, mineral water, Japanese tea and other tea, health drinks, etc.  other: tableware, kitchen supplies, food packaging machinery, food processing equipment, food technology, health, beauty publications, etc.

3. Food processing machinery, baking equipment, sweet food equipment, sausages, biscuits and convenient, puffed food processing machinery, dairy products processing machinery, mechanical, fruit and vegetable processing and preservation of aquatic products processing machinery, rice flour and starch food processing machinery, meat food, canned food, snack food, baking food, candy chocolate processing. Beer and beverage pure water processing machinery, food sterilization machinery equipment,

4. Food packaging machinery and equipment, beverage packaging equipment, automatic system, bagging, labeling, printing materials

The exhibition to introduce

Iran international food packaging and food machinery exhibition iFood on August 24-27, 2017, held in mashhad Iran, the exhibition is from Iran local exhibition company BRP IFW jointly held with the German exhibition group, also by DLG group support agricultural association (Germany).

The 18th international food exhibition of Iran is a good business platform for international and local enterprises' food machinery and packaging industry. It is also a perfect platform to meet the needs of our neighbors to find customers.

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