Bone Crusher Machine

Bone Crusher Machine

bone crusher machine can produce Bone mud, meat mud, skin mud, shrimp paste, crab paste, fish mud, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam etc.

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    The newly developed national patent product of our factory, the powerful bone crusher machine has reached the latest technical level at home and abroad, and is made of all stainless steel, which has no pollution to the processed materials and fully meets the food hygiene standards. meat and bone grinder has a wide range of processed products and is the latest product in the field of bone crushing. After processing, it can maintain its original nutrients. The mold can be adjusted and replaced at will according to the actual use requirements. The crushing fineness can reach 0.5-50 mm. If it needs more fine, it can be used with the fineness of the bone mud machine up to 160-200 mesh.animal bone crusher machine is widely used in the production of various foods, flavors and fragrances, soups, hot pot bottom materials, instant noodles seasoning, feed, pet food; can also be used in the production of bio-pharmaceutical, Chinese medicine, spiced seasonings and other products. The output can reach 200-9000kg per hour.

bone crusher machine

2.Technical Parameter:





Total power kw


Electricity power


Net weight


Overall dimension



1. The machine series moulds are made of imported materials from Germany, with strong impact and wear resistance, long service life, simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, low noise and no heat.

2. Use a variety of bovine bones, pig bones, sheep bones, chicken bones, duck bones, goose bones, rabbit bones that can break dry, fresh and frozen; whole fish, whole chicken, cowhide, pig skin, frozen chicken, frozen Pork, frozen beef, etc.; can also break Chinese medicine, spiced bulk and other products

4.Raw materials: animal bone.

  Products: Bone mud, meat mud, skin mud, shrimp paste, crab paste, fish mud, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam etc.

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