Raw Chicken Breast Slicer

Raw Chicken Breast Slicer

High configuration Raw chicken breast slicer

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Product Details

  Raw chicken breast slicer is suitable for horizontal multilayer chip for fresh boneless breast meat, fish meat and beef meat etc.raw chicken breast slicer can Simultaneous cut different sizes of product through double lanes.Butterfly cutting is also possible with a simple to fit attachment for the blade set.

Raw chicken breast slicer

2.Technical Parameter:



Belt width


Belt speed


Cutting thickness 

Min.:3mm Max.:40mm

Cutting speed  

 120pcs/min (Dual-lane)

Max. product width 




The electricity


Input height


Output height




Overall dimension


3. Machine details:

1.English design operation panel.

2.imported original Retroth inverter

3.imported blade

4.Blade holders

Raw chicken breast slicer parts


1.Dual 200mm conveyor belts

2. Variable belt speed from 3-15 m/min

3. Up to 120 cuts per minute

4. Upper belts are adjustable according to thicknesses of meat

5. 304 stainless steel 

6.Water-proof design electric box

7.Easy to maintain-Automatic self lubrication system for bearings and shafts.

5.Raw materials: fresh duck meat, fish boneless meat,chicken meat other meat etc. 


 Products:  products: beef cutlet ,Shredded chicken chop ,chicken cutlets,Butterfly chop ,duck chop etc


 Flow chart: cutting slice---tumbling ---skewering -packing-- IQF.

chicken cutlet

6.Packaging & shipping


7.Our Services:

1.Within one warranty period and the machine parts were damaged under normal using condition, we will offer new parts for free.after warranty service,if part damage ,only bear part cost.

2.Our technicians go abroad to install or maintenance the machines.

3.We will provide you a set of spare parts when delivery.

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