Fresh Meat Slicer Machine

Fresh Meat Slicer Machine

fresh meat slicer machine cut thin slice evenly and smoothly.

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Product Details

   A complete of Fresh meat or un-frozen meat is conveyed by upper and down belts into a set of high-speed running blade and then cut into same thickness slice. fresh meat slicer machine can cut fresh chicken breast, beef ,duck breast, fish etc into different thickness thin slice by changing blade and blade bed .Automatic fresh meat slicer machine can slice butterflying shape by changing special blade. Meat slicing machine can connect with meat strip cutting machine to produce meat fillet etc.


meat multilayer slicer machine

2.Technical Parameters



Belt width


Belt speed


Cutting thickness 

Min.:3mm Max.:40mm

Cutting speed  

 120pcs/min (Dual-lane)

Max. product width 




The electricity


Input height


Output height




Overall dimension


3.Machine Details   

1.adopt famous brand cutter blade

2.adopt ORMON OR Germany original Retroth famous brand frequency  converter.

3. famous brand butterfly cutter blade.

4. adopt famous brand belt.

fresh meat cutting machine parts


1. machine frame circular tube design, easy to clean and reduce product pollution.

2. cutter blade adopt frequency control of motor speed ,increase blade operational life span.

3.Blade adopt imported 404 SS with strong friction, 0.3mm thickness guarantee meat cutting surface smoothness and evenness.

4.motorized pulley design ,reduce fault rate and keep machine stable.

5.cover equips with safety switch,increase machine safety.

5.Raw materials: fresh or un-frozen  beef meat, fish meat ,duck meat, chicken meat etc. 


 Products:  products such as chicken chop, beef chop ,tenderloin slice,Shredded chicken chop ,Madden chicken steak ,chicken cutlets,Butterfly chop ,duck chop,duck breast slice etc


 Flow chart: cutting ---tumbling ---skewering -packing-- --packing.


Packaging & shipping


Our Services

1.warranty time: one year after install machine in your factory.

2. Our technicians will provide on-site service to customers overseas.

3.Train the first-line operators how to operate machines

4. Within the warranty period and the machine parts were damaged under normal using condition, we will offer new parts for free

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