Fish Bone Separator Machine

Fish Bone Separator Machine

fish bone separator machine can process medium-sized and small-sized fish

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 fish bone separator machine can process medium-sized and small-sized fish, the fish are cut into three pieces along the longitudinal direction of the fish bone, and two pieces of fish and one piece of medium bone are separated to obtain two pieces of fish meat for removing fish backbone remover is suitable for meat processing factory and fast food  restaurant.

fish bone separator machine

2.Technical Parameter:



Product capacity


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1. Adjustable front, back, left and right, two-way transmission, making the fish more stable when going to the middle bone

2. We designed the front and rear stroke of the blade, and the fish enters the fit and the bone is cut open.

3, go to the middle bone (open three pieces) cut completely, without any residual involvement.

4. After cutting, the middle bone and the left and right fish fillets are respectively discharged from the machine, eliminating the cost of manual sorting.

5, the cut surface is smooth and smooth, neutral to good

6. All 304 stainless steel manufacturing, all accessories use domestic large factory products, reliable quality, stable operation.

4.Raw materials: fresh or partial freezing fish.

  Products: fish cutlet 

  Products sample:


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