pet food machine Growing

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Pet food production line assigned to pet food with a new shape, pet food machine unique taste and color, and the scientific nutrition ratio and easy to digest and other characteristics to adapt to the growing pet food market. Over the years in the extruder's efforts to obtain the technical advantages are fully reflected in the pet food production line. Simple operation, easy to learn, precise parameter control, pet food machine to ensure that the product in a specific temperature, pressure, humidity and time to complete. Reasonable structural design, special material, fast self-cleaning performance to ensure mechanical stability and ease of maintenance. Rich and varied shape and taste to meet the requirements of a variety of pet food. Pet food production line by the mixing machine, twin-screw extruder, wind conveyor, dryer and coating machine.

Pet food equipment is mainly made of special alloy material after heat treatment, long life, only a few domestic manufacturers using special wear-resistant alloy precision casting molding, although higher than traditional materials 2 - 3 times, but the overall cost of production greatly reduced. pet food machine 10 years of design and manufacturing manufacturers more reliable.

Twin-screw extruder expansion process using self-heating method, no steam system, more in line with the actual needs of users. Screw design has a strong self-cleaning function, screw tank can be purified, so the replacement of formula and product variety, do not need to stop cleaning, screw strong pumping function, material and slow diffusion effect is stronger, to promote faster, relatively stable product quality. pet food machine Screw extruder with modular design, easy adjustment, low prices.

The main equipment of the dog food production line is a twin screw extruder, the production of dog food production equipment need to purchase the corresponding expansion of machinery and equipment production, model design, compact structure, high production efficiency. Reliable, durable, pet food machine low failure rate, simple operation, easy maintenance. Easy to use, smooth transmission, low noise.

Pet food equipment screw structure, can be divided into single screw extrusion and twin screw extrusion method two.

Single screw extrusion method is relatively simple, pet food machine wide range of applications, can be used for high water content, fat content up to 17% of the product, and starch gelatinization degree of up to 90%. Suitable for the production of high-grade puppies food, such as "good baby pet food." Production of raw materials is relatively simple, easy to blow the dog food raw materials single screw to meet the production requirements. Low production costs

Twin-screw extruder equipment and structure is more complex, mainly for the 20th century, 80's small food production. High production costs, low power consumption, pet food machine low yield and other shortcomings. The advantage is that some of the raw materials can be difficult to inflate the puff, while puffing stability, expansion of the product is very cumbersome, very suitable for small food or puffed biscuits.

In the processing of dog food, pet food machine Jia Wang dog food machine is a single screw extrusion processing. Especially in the twentieth century after the eighties, in the dog food in the dry food, semi-dry food dog food, semi-wet dog food, fresh soft dog food. Pet snack fast development, Jia Wang single screw dog food machine, twin screw extrusion process, improve dog food palatability, pet food machine nutrition, contribute to digestion and absorption, health and safety, storage and so have a greater change, with a key positive significance.

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