nugget coating equipment The mechanical properties

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Aluminum alloy resistance spot welding nugget size, nugget coating equipment a microstructure and shrinkage shrinkage defects determine the quality of spot welding, and then determine the mechanical properties of the joint. Because of the difficulty in the simulation of aluminum alloy spot welding process, the numerical research on the spot welding of aluminum alloy is still relatively few, nugget coating equipment especially for the research on microstructure evolution and shrinkage of aluminum alloy spot welding. The numerical simulation method was used to simulate the size, primary structure and shrinkage of aluminum alloy spot welding, and to provide theoretical reference for mechanical evaluation of aluminum alloy spot welding joint. Firstly, nugget coating equipment the numerical simulation of the temperature field of AA5754 aluminum alloy spot welding process is carried out. The influence of the temperature condition on the boundary condition, the thermophysical parameters and the contact resistance under the action of the electrode force and the temperature are taken into account. The influence of the specification parameters on the size of the nugget. Comparing with the same spot welding parameters, the results show that the simulation results are in good agreement with the actual size of the spot weld. Based on the simulation results of the temperature field, a simulation of the microstructure evolution of the aluminum alloy spot welding joint during the cooling and solidification process was carried out by using the cellular automata and the finite element model (CA-FE) coupling model. nugget coating equipment (CET) of the columnar crystal to the nugget center. Based on this, the influence of the current intensity on the nugget structure of the aluminum alloy was simulated. nugget coating equipment The results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that the results show that Finally, based on the critical solid-phase method and the Niyama criterion, the different types of shrinkage of the aluminum alloy spot welding nugget are simulated and predicted. The quantitative analysis of the concentrated shrinkage is carried out, and the other types of shrinkage Qualitative analysis. Comparing with the actual spot welding joints, the simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results.

Resistance spot welding through the pre-pressure, power heating, the top pressure of the three processes to form a joint. Which in the process of heating, nugget coating equipment the contact material melting metal, forming a melting core, the outer cold metal wrapped in this molten metal, melting core referred to as nugget. nugget coating equipment The performance of resistance welding is closely related to nugget.

The method is similar to the riveting method, the concave welding head pressed against the plastic outer ring, the welding head issued ultrasonic ultra-high frequency vibration after the plastic melt and shape and cover the metal objects to make it fixed, and the appearance of smooth and beautiful, this Method used in the electronic category, the speaker of the fixed forming, and cosmetics such as the lens fixed.

Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration of the welding head in the moderate pressure, nugget coating equipment so that the bonding surface of the two plastic friction and instantaneous melt bonding, welding strength can be comparable with the body, the use of appropriate parts and reasonable interface design, to achieve watertight and Airtight, and eliminates the inconvenience caused by the use of auxiliary products to achieve efficient cleaning of the welding.

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