meat slicer Must be cleaned every day

- Aug 28, 2017 -

1, regularly check the fuel tank oil, meat slicer oil level is lower than the oil standard area 4/1, the need to inject oil into the filling cup; the tray to stop at the far right (blade), into the cup into the calcium Grease lubricating oil (oil) to lubricate the spindle, meat slicer a small amount of oil at the bottom of the spindle is a normal phenomenon, after refueling should stay 10 minutes or so to open the machine.

2, in order to ensure the hygiene of food, must be cleaned every day with food contact with the machine parts. Cleaning can not be used when the water shower, cleaning agents must use non-toxic, non-corrosive species.

3, before cleaning, please unplug the power plug, wear protective gloves.

4, clean the nail plate to be careful, meat slicer you can use a brush to clean the cleaning solution.

5, according to the use of about one week to wash the knife board (depending on the frequency of use).

6, cut the meat appears uneven thickness or more meat when you need to sharpen, sharpening the blade should first clean, remove the grease on the blade (the specific operation can be seen in the instructions of the "sharpening precautions")

7, clean the blade to the first knife set the center of the fixed screw clockwise out (Note: the screw at the left screw, clockwise rotation is loose, counterclockwise rotation is tight), and then remove the knife board, with a soft Cloth dipped in detergent solution on both sides of the blade clean,meat slicer pay attention to the fingers can not be on the edge, so as not to cut.

8, after cleaning to be wiped dry, blade edge and nail plate guide shaft to cast oil.

The machine should be placed in the ground from the ground 65 ~ 80cm high work surface, the table must be solid machine foot, the machine should have enough space around to the user operation.

2.3 The power outlet used must be properly grounded, meat slicer grounding resistance is not greater than 0.1Ω.

2.2 The power supply must be protected by a leakage switch. The machine must be used separately with a fuse with a fuse. The power supply characteristics must be consistent with the requirements of this manual.

Plug in the power cord plug, the knob switch twist to the "sharpening" position, check the blade motor is running properly.

Turn the knob switch to the "running" meat slicer position, empty machine running 1 to 2 minutes to see if there is no exception, no exception can work properly, otherwise you should first troubleshoot.

The first use of the machine, meat slicer to the filling cup into the 60ml of oil (ambient temperature below 0 ℃ must be injected into the low temperature oil), after refueling should stay for 10 minutes to ensure that the oil completely into the tank, Higher than the oil standard area of about 4/3, before the normal use; before filling the meat tray must be stopped at the far right of the machine that is the blade side, before refueling, refueling method can be marked by the oil cup instructions.

To ensure smooth sliding nail plate sliding plate, meat slicer should be in the nail plate sliding shaft on the edible oil, hand pull the pressure nail plate, so that the oil evenly.

 Start the machine,meat slicer so that the trays to move to the left end of the position when the machine to stop the machine, the pressure nail plate to the top of the clockwise rotation 90 degrees placed on the nail plate on the seat slot, and then two T-shaped bar To the position of the club seat, the food placed in the tray, pushing the lever to hold the food, tighten the club locking handle, meat slicer pull the pressure nail plate placed on the food.

Turn the thickness adjustment handle to the desired thickness of the cut (recommended: cut the frozen meat thickness of not more than 3mm).

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