meat processing machine Development and application

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Today's meat market is the biggest difference between the early years, mostly factory slaughter, split into the market sales, meat quality is more secure. meat processing machine The production and application of these meat processing plants can not be separated from modern slaughtering equipment and meat machinery.

Meat processing machinery is a processing equipment, meat industry development must be an important guarantee. In the mid-eighties of last century, meat processing machine the former National Department of Commerce in order to improve China's meat processing technology, began to import meat processing equipment from Europe. Since then, China's meat processing enterprises began to understand and understand the modern processing equipment, technology and products; meat processing machinery manufacturers have begun to contact with advanced meat processing equipment, and began to learn from foreign technology development in China's own product. Has been twenty years old.

Meat processing machinery development process, the achievements are significant. China's nearly 200 factories can produce more than 90% of the meat processing equipment, meat processing machine covering almost slaughter, split, meat products, conditioning food, comprehensive utilization of all processing areas, and the equipment has been made close to similar foreign products. For example: chopping machine, brine injection machine, vacuum sausage machine, continuous vacuum packaging machine, frying machine and so on. These devices have played a significant role in the Chinese meat industry and have contributed to the development of the meat industry.

In addition to domestic sales, meat processing machine there are a number of enterprises began to expand overseas markets, and gradually with the international standards. However, we can not because our equipment has been in the application or has been part of the export complacent, in fact, our products and Europe and the United States advanced level, there is a great distance, which is our meat processing machinery manufacturing industry needs a correct Right reality.

With the development of the meat industry, meat processing machine the proportion of deep processing of meat is increasing, new meat processing plants are also emerging, these enterprises need to invest a lot of processing equipment. In addition, the last century, eighties and nineties purchased a large number of foreign equipment has been phased out, need to be updated. Therefore, the domestic market demand for meat processing machinery will continue to increase.

At present, the domestic meat processing enterprises in the top 50 are the main equipment imported, with the domestic meat machinery manufacturing product quality improvement, meat processing machine these enterprises will gradually use the domestic meat machinery, the demand is very large The On the other hand, a large number of imported equipment for meat processing enterprises is a heavy burden. Because the investment in fixed assets is too large, will greatly affect the cost of meat products, making the enterprise in the sales without competitiveness. China has a number of manufacturers in the introduction of more expensive equipment, meat processing machine because it can not digest, so that enterprises down the road and closed down. Some are still running the manufacturers, but also because of the higher depreciation of fixed assets, making the enterprise no profit at all. meat processing machine In fact, meat processing enterprises do not necessarily want to import equipment from abroad, if our meat processing machinery industry to provide products to meet the level of foreign almost, I believe they will certainly give priority to purchase from the country.

Over the past two years, meat processing machine China's procurement of meat processing equipment, more and more foreign businessmen, China's exports of meat machinery manufacturers have gradually increased.

Europe's meat processing machinery is the most advanced in the world, but with the appreciation of the euro and "Made in China" international status, more and more foreign investors began to be interested in our equipment. Although our meat processing equipment is not advanced, meat processing machine but because of the performance and quality has improved a lot, then the price is cheap, it is still able to attract most of the less developed countries to come.

Our products into the international market, which is inevitable. But also to remind our country's meat processing and manufacturing industry, meat processing machine we represent the "Made in China", we not only to the enterprise, but also for the state. Many of our products in the international community has been a bad reputation, the main reason is the domestic industry since the phase price, shoddy and so on, and ultimately make the entire industry exports damaged.

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