meat patty forming machine Use a wide range

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Meat grinder stainless steel shell, meat patty forming machine durable US multi-function cutter machine motor, stable performance, efficient power-saving double-use machine occupies less, meat grinder light weight, easy to move. Duck meat, cut meat arbitrary choice, meat patty forming machine high efficiency The working principle is simple, the meat cutting machine mainly relies on the raw material meat of the rotating screw feed hopper to push the pre-cut orifice in the cutter box, and the cutter machine uses the rotating cutter blade and the hole on the orifice. Cutting the role of the formation of the meat will be chopped, and the role of the squeeze force in the screw, the meat will continue to discharge from the orifice.

Multi-function cutter with a wide range of use, can be the bulk of raw materials according to the requirements of cutting into granules or meat, meat patty forming machine meat grinder is a multi-purpose, easy to operate, stable quality and efficient, clean, clean and other new food processing Machinery, pork meat machine is very suitable for the restaurants, restaurants, meat filling machine meat processing shops, hotels, restaurants, cafeteria and so on. Cut the meat machine inexpensive, both can be cut into a variety of meat and other materials and other materials to meet the needs of different meat products, twisting machine is similar products in the country can choose] equipment. Electric cutter machine advantages: meat filling machine dual-use machine is energy-saving durable, meat patty forming machine convenient and quick, with a compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, electric safety and health advantages.

It is made of high-grade stainless steel, meat patty forming machine safe and non-polluting; Shell lines are smooth, there is no hidden cracks and no harm to the operator's sharp edge, cut meat stuffing machine easy to clean. Pork meat machine for food manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, group cafeteria, schools, and other meat processing needs of food processing sites. This machine is simple to operate. Meat filling machine easy to clean, spare parts must be cleaned, or a long time!

The meat pie molding machine feeds into the meat, meat patty forming machine and automatically produces the burger and meatballs according to the set weight. Fast, low noise, safe, reliable, compact, very easy to maintain. You can also use the mix of different raw materials, bread crumbs, eggs, vegetables, cheese, beans, seasoning beef and chicken and fish and so on can be made meat and meatballs. meat patty forming machine Particularly suitable for meat processing plants, supermarkets, restaurants and other use.

Through the replacement of different molds can produce different shapes of products. Suitable for the production of hamburger pie, chicken cake, fish cake, meat patty forming machine vegetarian bread, potato cake, pumpkin pie and so on food. The meat pie molding machine is suitable for the molding of various meat whale meat pie; it can produce a variety of products by changing the size and thickness of the forming mouth.

The machine is designed and manufactured according to the safety, hygiene and process requirements of meat processing machinery. Rack and contact with the meat are made of high quality stainless steel and non-toxic ultra-high molecular polyethylene; use the machine running smoothly, low noise; meat patty forming machine electrical waterproof switch, high degree of protection.

The machine adopts the structural design of the feed paddle and the forming roller to ensure that the material can be fed with the same amount of material and the same molding pressure. In order to make the thickness of the molded meat cake be convenient and accurate, the core part is designed as the whole detachable The The machine design is reasonable, easy to clean, simple and safe operation

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