meat mixer machine Applicable to home use

- Aug 28, 2017 -

1. high-quality large motor, high quality;

2. New design and unique meat grinder function for home use;

3. Removable rolling blade, meat quickly, the size of round hole knife, meat mixer machine can adjust the meat thickness, mainly for meat, crushed, so sausage. 4. Power saving and durable, convenient and quick, with a compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency, meat mixer machine low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and health advantages.

5. The use of fully enclosed gear drive, meat mixer machine compact structure, smooth operation, reliable, and easy maintenance; meat grinder head and contact with food parts are made of advanced alloy, safe and pollution-free;

6. The cabinet lines are smooth, there is no hidden cracks and no damage to the sharp edges of the operator, easy to clean.

Meat meat machine is the meat processing enterprises in the production process will be the raw materials according to different requirements of different processing specifications of grain-like meat, meat grinder widely used in a variety of sausages, ham, lunch meat, balls, meat mixer machine salty flavor , Pet food and other meat products and other industries.

Meat meat machine is the meat processing enterprises in the production process, the raw materials according to different requirements of different processing requirements of granular meat, in order to facilitate the mixing with other accessories to meet the needs of different products.

Meat grinder for the series of products; meat mixer machine work with the rotation of the cutting edge and the hole on the hole in the formation of the role of the cutting edge of the raw material meat chopped, and the role of the squeeze force in the screw, the raw materials continue to discharge outside the machine. According to the nature of the material and processing requirements, meat mixer machine the corresponding configuration of the tool and orifice, you can process the different sizes of particles to meet the process requirements of the next process

Home meat grinder for the electric mode, the use of home 220V power supply, more and more families began to use this product, so that home meat grinder into the kitchen of the new darling of household appliances. The reason why the home meat grinder is popular is because it can not only be used to crush the meat, but also can be used to mix peanuts, onions, garlic, spices and other food, so that the home meat grinder to become food cooking machine , So it is also a food cooking machine.

 Meat grinder after each use, meat mixer machine the need to meat three links, screw, blade orifice removed, remove the residue and then back to the original order. The purpose of doing so on the one hand to ensure the health of machines and processed food, on the other hand can ensure that the meat parts of the demolition of flexible, easy maintenance and replacement, blade and orifice is a wearing parts, meat mixer machine the use of a period of time may need to be replaced, We introduce the demolition and cleaning method of meat grinder.

  Meat grinder for a long time after use easy to clean is not clean, this time need to be demolished meat grinder after thorough cleaning. Meat grinder when the first disassembly disassembly, is to prevent the loading plate in the debris into the machine's internal, meat mixer machine the main tool is the removal of the wrench, the demolition of the clockwise direction to be demolished , In accordance with the order of installation disassembly. First remove the nut before the machine, and then remove the meat board, after the meat knife will drive the screw to remove, and finally remove the T-type meat pipe, meat mixer machine in accordance with the order of installation is to ensure that after cleaning the machine installed Correctness, to avoid the normal use of the machine because of incorrect parts installation errors.

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