meat grinders Easy to clean

- Aug 28, 2017 -

The advantages of this machine is energy-saving and durable, convenient and quick, with a compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and health advantages.

The use of fully enclosed gear drive, compact structure, meat grinders smooth operation, reliable, and easy maintenance; meat grinder head and contact with food parts are made of high grade stainless steel, safe and pollution-free; shell lines smooth, And no damage to the operator's sharp edges, easy to clean.

1. Prepare a clean toothbrush and other auxiliary items, in order to clean the meat inside the machine meat out of the first direction of the machine will be unloaded, unloaded and then the machine soaked in detergent with warm water, all Parts with toothbrush and other cleaning supplies one by one clean, and then rinse twice with tap water.

2. Stainless steel meat grinder screw must be cleaned with a soft brush, but also carefully clean the screw sets. Carefully clean all parts of the stainless steel meat grinder, meat grinders including parts that are not directly in contact with things.

3. Please use a damp cloth or spare soft brush to clean the main structure of the machine, and then washed with water.

4. All parts can be washed with warm water and medium cleaning agent, meat grinders do not use industrial cleaning agents, iron brush and detrimental to the surface of the machine cleaning equipment cleaning machine.

5. Clean the finished place into a cool and ventilated place can be dry.

6 .. at least once a day (or more than one time) cleaning the machine, mainly washed away inside and outside the machine dust, etc., meat grinders before the use of the rinse will become more smooth and smooth, but also make the work after the end of the cleaning becomes more trouble The

7. In the cleaning to ensure that all parts are dry before re-group of stainless steel meat grinder.

1, stainless steel meat grinder check the power supply voltage should be consistent with the nameplate, pay attention to stainless steel meat grinder power outlet should be equipped with reliable grounding cable. meat grinders Stainless steel meat grinder power supply voltage shall not be greater than the rated voltage of 10%, stainless steel meat grinder otherwise must be equipped with a pressure device can be used.

2, stainless steel meat grinder before use, meat grinders stainless steel meat grinder must remove the inside of the meat guide and lock. Stainless steel meat grinder front nuts must be tightened properly.

3, stainless steel meat grinder to be meat before the first to remove the skin, tendons and bones, cut into strips.

4, stainless steel meat grinder to start the motor, stainless steel meat grinder to be normal operation before the material into the tube, stainless steel meat grinder is strictly prohibited by hand glue must use sticks.

5, stainless steel meat grinder, meat grinders such as a warm or slow paste into a paste, stainless steel meat grinder should be the following maintenance.

(1) stainless steel meat grinder front nut too loose, meat grinders stainless steel meat grinder meat knife and orifice improper contact, stainless steel meat grinder should be tightened.

(2) stainless steel meat grinder hole plate is blocked, stainless steel meat grinder should be clear.

(3) stainless steel meat grinder meat mill has been blunt, stainless steel meat grinder should be grinding or change it.

6, meat grinders stainless steel meat grinder attention to clean, stainless steel meat grinder after the use of meat parts removed cleaning

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