fresh meat strip cutting machine

- Nov 29, 2017 -

product introduction:

meat strip cutting machine can cut fresh meat or un-frozen meat into meat strip in horizontal position by high speed running circular can cut same width meat strip evenly.




1. High cutting precision with minimum width 5mm

2. Cutting width depend on changing blade carrier or blade sleeve

3. autoamtic Floating unloading system ,not easy to make meat sticking on blade.

4. Detachable blade carrier, input belt and output belt, easy to clean.

5. Mist spraying unit smoothing the disc cut and keep disc cut lower tempurature.

6. install with imported module bel,not easy to damage.

7.adopt SIMENS part or famous brand electric part keep machine stable

8.Adopt SS  matertial and engineering plastic durable.

9. we can produce different width meat strip cutting machine according to customer sepcial requirement.


Technical parameter:



Model: QTJ-500

Belt width: 500mm

Belt speed: 3-18m/min

Max product width: 400mm

Max Cutting thickness: 45mm(optional 70mm)

Min Cutting thickness: 5mm

Production capacity: 200-800kg/h

Input height: 1050±50mm

Power: 1.9kw

weight: 300kg

Overall dimension: 2010x903x1615mm


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