fresh breading machine The request

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Bread machine power is relatively low, kneading surface efficiency is not high enough, and kneading a long time will rise, resulting in dough temperature is too high, fresh breading machine affecting the quality of bread. To solve this problem First, the use of ice eggs, ice water to control the dough temperature, two can be used "static" dough method, that is, many users said "bubble method."

"Standing" commonly used in the production of the European package, "Texas farmers" blog in the past few years there are many demonstrations. Dough through a period of time to rest naturally produce tendons, do not need a long time kneading, is conducive to reflect the natural flavor of flour. Do soft bread, fresh breading machine more materials, it is not easy to reflect the taste of flour, coupled with the problem of time, generally do not use "static" approach.

As far as I know, the Internet will be the first "static" for soft bread production is "Su slowly", and later "pearl milk tea NSL" this method will be used to "make an appointment" program to do bread, so many friends in the morning to eat To the freshly baked bread. Through the "standing", the dough will be easier to achieve the expansion phase, shorten the kneading time, save the manual kneading when the physical. I now use bread loaves to make bread often put the dough before standing for some time, then add yeast and butter, fresh breading machine direct use of "wind bread" program, do not need to add a "and surface" program.

Use the "standing" method, the yeast, butter and other raw materials put together for half an hour or more, and then put the yeast start "and surface" program, kneaded to the extent necessary to add butter, can achieve a multiplier effect.

On the rest of the time, I deliberately done experiments: the same recipe of the dough, were placed for half an hour, 1 hour and 5 hours after the use of bread and flour. fresh breading machine Through the experiment found that standing for half an hour and 1 hour of the dough to determine no significant difference, standing 5 hours after the dough has been able to pull out the thick film, fresh breading machine than the effect of standing 1 hour a step further, but then Kneading the process, the use of bread machine kneading to the same state the time required is the same, to prove that the dough to achieve the required state is mainly by rubbing the surface.

Bread machine, fresh breading machine is based on the requirements of the machine, put ingredients, automatic and surface, fermentation, baking into a variety of bread machines. Can be divided into home and commercial. Bread mechanism to do bread, mainly with the surface, fermentation, and baking three processes. The principle of the bread machine is to use the built-in computer program, fresh breading machine the three processes to make bread to be cured, at a fixed time point and surface, fermentation, or baking instructions to produce bread.

The breadmaker has an oven, a parallel-arranged kneading cylinder arranged in the oven, and a cartridge driving member for rotating one of the kneading cylinders clockwise and counterclockwise. The connecting shaft protrudes eccentrically from the kneading cylinder and rotates about the rotation axis of each corresponding kneading cylinder. The connecting rod connects the connecting shaft and transmits the rotation between the kneading cylinders.

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