food forming machines Durable

- Aug 28, 2017 -

At present, food forming machines the general food companies have their own multi-functional food molding machine, because it has the characteristics of many people to see its value. Let's take a look at the advantages of it.

1, equipment and more features, as long as the food can produce the corresponding noodles, is pure green food

Multi-functional food molding machine can not only produce corn, food forming machines You-faced, sorghum, buckwheat noodles, millet, bean noodles and other pure grains noodles, rice can also be used to produce rice noodles, and the use of flour to produce wheat noodles, food forming machines Really a multi-purpose machine, practical strong! The whole noodle production process in addition to water and salt, without any additives, and without adding white flour or starch to improve the ribs, is pure miscellaneous grains green food.

2, excellent material, no wearing parts, durable

Multi-functional food molding machine screw crankshaft with 45 # high-quality carbon steel, tube selection 8mm thick pure seamless steel pipe, the internal selection of high-quality thrust bearings, food forming machines machine without wearing parts, durable, life of up to 20 years.

3, the machine is easy to operate, low labor intensity, food forming machines both young and old can post production

One person can operate, in the work without any heavy physical labor, even the old age can also be easy to operate the elderly, and women with mild disability can be competent!

4, the lowest energy consumption machine, with civilian electricity can be produced, leading industry

Equipment using spiral focusing heat conduction heating, food forming machines to overcome the industry generally use the same body heat, high energy consumption of the fatal weakness.

In the selection of multi-functional food molding machine should be widely carried out market research to collect information to investigate the food processing equipment to be selected manufacturers, multi-channel, multi-way collection of relevant equipment information; food forming machines at the same time to investigate and visit the equipment users, The use of the key to grasp the different users of the equipment evaluation.

The details of the equipment, including the name of the equipment, specifications, production capacity, supporting power, equipment, equipment, food forming machines equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, Quantity, equipment prices and manufacturers, etc .; choose equipment supply, including equipment manufacturing cycle, payment methods, equipment inspection methods, packaging and transportation methods, etc. If the introduction of foreign equipment, according to the national import equipment management approach.

If you choose a large, food forming machines overweight, high multi-functional food molding machine equipment, equipment selection should be the appropriate transport measures and the installation of technical measures program; if the use and transformation of the original equipment, should be proposed transformation program Analysis of the transformation of the technical and economic effects; food forming machines to determine the equipment selection recommended program, the selected equipment by the multi-factor comparison, the proposed equipment selection recommended by the expert demonstration and other ways to confirm after confirmation

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