chicken nugget forming machine Convenient and accurate

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Small Lucky Star Chicken Forming Machine adopts the structural design of the feed blade and the forming roller to ensure the maximum amount of material feeding and always the same molding pressure. In order to make the adjustment of the thickness of the processed meat palate convenient and accurate, chicken nugget forming machine the core part Designed for overall detachable.

 Small five-star chicken meat pie molding machine is simple, easy to clean, stable performance, safe and reliable, suitable for meat processing plants, food industry, food distribution centers and other units.

Small five-star chicken meat pie molding machine function to complete the filling filling, forming, stickers (optional), output and other processes. By changing the different molds can produce different shapes (round, square, oval, triangular, heart and other special shape) products.

In the food industry, stainless steel mesh belt equipment has been widely popular and applied, stainless steel transmission belt with a flat surface, high hardness, chicken nugget forming machine corrosion resistance, tensile strength, good ventilation, easy to deformation, durable Durable, not rust and so on. Automatic meat pie molding machine made of high quality stainless steel, wear and durable, in line with food hygiene standards.

In the past, the process of producing patties may not be particularly in place, so that the thickness of the grasp is not particularly accurate. For example, when we produce a patty, some of the patties it is usually thicker, and some thinner. Then the customer may be very important for these situations, leading to the need for continuous reform of the product.

Because this kind of thin and light products can not be circulated in the market, because different people to buy these products, chicken nugget forming machine they will feel that they cut corners, chicken nugget forming machine which will affect their sales. So the meat pie molding machine through a series of transformation, for its thickness adjustment has also been greatly changed.

Usually if we say that the thickness of the meat pie molding machine is the same, it is usually said that the product after production is often the same thickness. chicken nugget forming machine So its quality will be a great protection, if we want to reduce its thickness, it can also be through the NC system to operate. This will be more convenient to operate, but also to meet the different needs of different customers for the product.

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