breading machine The performance

- Aug 28, 2017 -

For the bread machine in addition to the brand and price, breading machine make bread taste is the most concerned about the issue, for which we have investigated and summarized screening, and ultimately chose the French, sweet and whole wheat bread, these three families eat bread To make a taste of contrast.

French bread: French bread, breading machine the main nutrients for the protein, fat, carbohydrates, very suitable for home breakfast consumption. But also the highest frequency of family production of a bread.

Sweet bread: sweet bread is in the bread recipe by adding a certain amount of sugar and other sweet materials produced bread, is a sweet taste, soft and flexible organization of bread, one of the domestic mainstream bread.

Whole wheat bread: whole wheat bread is characterized by low calorie and health, is a lot of weight loss and fitness crowd menu on the best recipes, breading machine but also the best of a health food. But the whole wheat bread because the protein content is small, so difficult to ferute, so the taste will be slightly harder. Can be said to be difficult to control a high degree of bread, so use it to test the performance of the bread machine is appropriate.

Booking is a very intimate function, almost every bread machine is necessary, we can sleep when the bread machine to work regularly, wake up early in the morning to eat fresh baked bread, can be said that no appointment function The bread machine is not complete and you can remove it directly from your list of options. And in the six bread machine in the appointment of the difference is only the length of the appointment time. ACA and bear which can be an appointment for up to 15 hours, the remaining several can be an appointment for up to 13 hours.

We also found in the evaluation, in addition to Philips and the remaining five of the five kinds of bread and the surface of this function, I believe in daily life we all have deep experience, our home is like to do some old buns, dumplings, bread and the like Pasta, breading machine but the surface is a very wrestling work, as children we often want to do their own filial piety, in fact, for them to buy a day to bring them three meals a day to bring convenience kitchen appliances is appropriate But the.

Automatic fruit is a very powerful experience of the experience, breading machine because it means that it eliminates the bread production process waiting to enter the fruit of the time, a key can eat with the fruit of the bread. In this participation Hengping bread machine, only Bo Tsui with automatic fruit function.

Some people do not like the reason to cook very simple, that is, after dinner heavy cleaning work. Bread is also, cleaning can definitely be called the most troublesome job.

Six bread machine bread barrels, the internal are treated by the non-stick coating, clean up are very convenient. In the course of use, the top cover sometimes accumulates some residue, breading machine Dongling, Philips, Bear, ACA's top cover is removable, easy to clean, and Parker not only can not remove the top cover, the stirring blade is also very difficult to remove , Cleaning must be soaked in water for a while to be successfully removed, this point to the use of experience greatly reduced.

After testing, we found that although there are some differences in the consumption of different bread machine, but the breadth of the power consumption is generally very low, breading machine these differences are just a few cents only, so for the family, power consumption is complete Do not worry too much about the problem.

Also in the process of making bread, breading machine the machine itself will produce a certain noise, we included the six bread machine work when the sound

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