automatic breading machine(model,SXJ-200) cleaning

- Oct 30, 2017 -


 Notice: please disconnect the power before cleaning, avoiding the water directly spouting the electric controlling box.

Cleaning after the production:

Release the remaining bread crumb from the hopper.

Cleaning tools:


Wash cloth

Cleaning fluid(acid PH5-7,basic PH8-10,flowing the direction of the cleaning fluid.

Take apart the bolt, release the fixing nut of the flange, then unship the helical.

Loose the nut of the upper flange, turn the flange, unship the flange, get the bolt out. Open the side door of the screw tube and clean it.(turn the bolt when fixing it, aiming the connection point)

The cleaning of the body:

Lift the side door, turn down the side door, clean the crumb on the body of the machine.

Move away the electric apparatus tank.

Move the fan and dustproof cover and clean it.

Using cleaning fluid and warm water(≤45℃)marinating the machine in the cleaning fluid, wiping  it and brushing the belt. 

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