Frying Oil Filtering Machine

Frying Oil Filtering Machine

Frying Oil Filtering Machine dry residue without oil

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Frying Oil Filtering Machine adopt Sanitary imported non-woven paper filtration , fryer oil filtration machine can filter out the oil in the 1 micron diameter fine particles. After a special design, dry residue without oil, it does not cause waste.

Frying Oil Filtering Machine filter powder、Granular and other solids etc residue that frying machine oil produced, improve the quality of edible oil and extend its frying time and reduce costs.

cooking oil filtering machine mainly to match with frying machine to use  for food company, it is suitable for meat. Aquatic products、Crisps、deep-fried dough sticks、Snack foods and other food businesses and other pharmaceutical-related industries.Compared with other filter machine, it can save 300kg oil every day. 

Frying Oil Filtering Machine

2.Technical Parameter:



Average filter mesh consumption


Filter  Capacity


Particle size filtration


The electricity




Installed power




Overall dimension


3.Machine Details:



1.Adopt high temperature pump, air cooling, reduce the failure rate, frequency control.

2.Adopt high temperature oil sanitary grade imported non-woven filter, filter density 1μm, dry residue to reduce oil loss.

3.The whole machine and supporting the use of equipment closed circuit, short filter cycle, to ensure that the oil temperature is less than 5 ℃.

4.Siemens control system PLC automatic control, save labor, automatic alarm, safe and reliable.

5.The import of non-woven filter paper use: 1.2 meters /h, it is consumables.

6.All stainless steel SUS304 design, equipment surface blasting, the appearance of new design, compact, small footprint

5.Raw materials:All kinds of food oil. 

  Product sample:


6.Packaging & shipping


7.Our Services:

1.Select suitable equipment model according to customer requirement.;  

2.we provie customer install machine on the spot. 

3.Within the warranty period and the machine parts were damaged under normal using condition, we will offer new parts for free.

4.Train first-line workers;

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